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Improving 2019 Performance With Data From Your POD System

You and your team are no doubt putting the finishing touches to your 2019 objectives and have a host of exciting plans to help you improve performance throughout the year. But, in order to enact real change in your operation, you need reliable, actionable data to inform your strategic decisions.

There are a variety of data sources that you may turn to, from your order management system to your routing and scheduling software, but be sure not to overlook the valuable data provided by one of the smaller solutions in your arsenal – your proof of delivery system.

As well as removing delivery paperwork and enhancing on-site customer service, your proof of delivery system can provide reliable data to help you create rapid and measurable improvements in 2019.

Let’s take a look at how the data from your proof of delivery system can help your business:

Monitor KPIs easily

Do you want to increase your first time delivery success rate? Achieve a specific average rating from on-site customer feedback forms? Maintain a consistent level of on time deliveries during your peak period?

Whatever your business specific KPIs, an advanced proof of delivery system can help ensure you have all of the relevant data on hand to view progress against target and keep improving the performance of your teams.

Once you have configured your specific data capture requirements, all of the information that your drivers record using the mobile application will be available to review in easy to use dashboards. Alternatively, you can export the data into your own reporting tools for more bespoke analysis.

Automate data sharing across your business

Whether you provide everybody with access to your proof of delivery system or share the information by integrating it with your other business systems, the wealth of data collected can be used to streamline and improve processes in a variety of departments. For example, it can provide:

  • real-time job data to your finance department to facilitate quicker invoicing
  • item level information to warehouse teams to manage stock levels and process returns
  • dashboards and KPI data to senior management
  • real-time data to customer service teams to enable proactive management of delivery issues

Identify issues and amend processes quickly                     

Recognising and being able to quickly rectify issues in your delivery operation could help you achieve a cycle of continuous improvement over the coming year. Analysing the wealth of data provided by your proof of delivery system can help you detect problems, respond to changes in regulation or adapt to meet shifting customer demands. Of course, you can then measure performance again once the changes have bedded in.

So, if you can only have one New Year’s resolution this year, make it to realise the full value from your proof of delivery system.

If you don’t have a proof of delivery system and want to find out how your business could benefit, download our whitepaper for ‘5 reasons why you should implement proof of delivery software’. Alternatively, you can get in touch with one of our experienced team today.

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