Make your customer service team more efficient, responsive

Your Customer Service team is key to a positive last-mile delivery experience. But how do you make sure that all of your agents are focused on the highest priorities?

The Paragon HDX Customer Service module lets your customer service team view and efficiently manage standard fulfillment tasks. It also flags tasks that are late, highlights issues that risk delaying orders, and prompts actions for failed deliveries.

Manage by exception

Paragon HDX Customer Service lets your reps automate standard tasks, while focusing their attention where it’s needed most.

Improve the customer experience

Real-time alerts allow the home delivery customer service team to proactively respond to operational issues to improve first-time delivery success.

Keep customers informed

A browser-based interface makes real-time updates easy to achieve. Customers appreciate fast, responsive problem resolution, as well as a “heads up” if delivery times are jeopardized


Problems solved

  • Improve first time delivery success
  • Provide home delivery customer service with visibility of order progress
  • Keep customers informed of upcoming delivery times and dates
  • Help customer service agents to provide a better customer experience
  • Automate workflows for focus on priority tasks