Paragon can offer you three different routing and scheduling software modules to reduce planning time and transport costs.

Paragon Single Depot is our original route optimisation tool and the basis for all of our routing and scheduling modules. Multi Depot and Integrated Fleets retain all of the functionality of Paragon Single Depot but include a wider range of features to manage more complex planning tasks.  As your operation grows, you can move from Single Depot to Multi Depot or from Multi Depot to Integrated Fleets without impacting your daily transport operation.

All three modules are highly configurable to address the needs of a wide range of industry sectors and are backed up by our world class implementation and support teams. Today our routing and scheduling software is in use in more than 50 countries around the world.

We can also cater for operations needing continuous optimisation - often referred to as  "always-on" scheduling - with our modular system Paragon HDX