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Dubai-based AKI Group improves productivity and reduces costs with Paragon routing software

The AKI Group delivers a wide range of different products from pharmaceutical to food and fashion. Items are distributed across the United Arab Emirates with an estimated 12,500 deliveries to 5,500 customers sites each month.

When the in-house distribution arm of The AKI Group started talking to Paragon, all of these deliveries were being planned manually. Trying to plan such a large, multi-drop transport operation manually was resulting in large numbers of inefficiencies.

After just a few months of using Paragon’s Multi Depot routing software and Route Execution, The AKI Group was able to significantly reduce transport costs, improve driver productivity and lower the average cost per delivery.

Quick facts
  • In-house distribution service for diverse business units including food, beverages, fashion and pharmaceuticals
  • Completes approximately 12,500 deliveries each month to customer locations across the UAE's seven emirates
  • Mixed fleet of 4.5, 10 and 12-tonne delivery vehicles including multi-temperature compartmentalised trailers
  • Vehicles are typically staffed with a two or three-man team tasked with unloading orders at customer sites
  • Annual transport savings of $1 million
  • Increased average deliveries per vehicle by 164%
  • Lowered the average cost per delivery by 65%
  • Reduced fleet size by 38%

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