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Blakemore Logistics Drives Efficiency With Paragon

Blakemore Logistics distributes to 1,100 SPAR stores located across England and Wales, using Paragon’s route optimisation software.

In recent years, the profile of SPAR stores has diversified and now includes locations at motorway services and petrol station forecourts, as well as the traditional convenience stores, confectionery shops and newsagents.

With the business growing on average by 10% year-on-year and delivery volumes often fluctuating by as much as 30% on a weekly basis, Blakemore Logistics needed a means of flexing routes to better control transport costs, minimise environmental impact and meet the needs of a growing customer base.

AF Blakemore Logistics and Spar UK trucks - use Paragon route optimisation software to drive efficiency
Quick facts:
  • Blakemore Logistics is responsible for replenishing the shelves of 1,100 SPAR stores across England and Wales
  • Delivery volumes fluctuate by as much as 30% on a weekly basis
  • Orders are fulfilled with a dedicated fleet of 170 HGVs, multi-compartmented single decker and double decker trailers
Benefits reported:
  • Cut 1,000,000km from delivery routes
  • Fleet size reduced by 10% through removing overcapacity from the distribution plan
  • Lowered carbon emissions
  • Automated tachograph data entry
  • Significant benefits in terms of cost, customer service and environmental responsibility

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