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Croatia’s largest food & retail organisation chooses Paragon

The Agrokor Group, Croatia’s largest food and retail organisation, has put Paragon transport planning software and support rather than local alternatives at the centre of its transport optimisation plan.

Initially, Paragon was used to replace manual planning at Konzum, Croatia’s largest supermarket chain which operates six depots and 200 vehicles delivering ambient, fresh and dairy products and non-foods to 700 stores.  The implementation, which standardised daily planning operations to drive efficiencies, customer service and environmental performance across the operation, exemplifies global confidence in Paragon’s combined logistics and retail expertise.

By optimising transport planning through the adoption of Paragon software, Konzum cut costs, achieved greater efficiencies, improved the company’s environmental performance and enhanced customer service.  Building on this success, the Agrokor Group has since implemented Paragon’s map-based routing and scheduling software in its PIK and Zvijezda meat and cooking oil businesses.

Paragon Multi Depot is now used across four distribution centres to automate the delivery of more than 1500 daily orders to retail outlets across Croatia.  It also allows them to model different delivery scenarios to find the best transport solution for their retailers while reducing transport costs.

Paragon provides a solution that works seamlessly with Agrokor’s Infor System21 ERP system to give their transport teams a fully automated, visual planning system, taking the order information directly from the ERP system to calculate the most efficient routes for the 100-strong delivery fleet, accounting for the various transport constraints imposed by the geography of the country and delivery time rules for Croatia’s towns and cities.

The additional rollout of Paragon into Agrokor’s PIK and Zvijzeda businesses shows the flexibility of the software to meet the logistical demands of the retail market while managing very variable delivery constraints that can be completely different to those seen in the UK. It demonstrates that Paragon offers a truly international solution for transport operators worldwide. Paragon has a very strong position in the retail sector, which includes the majority of the UK’s leading grocery chains and high street retailers, as well as other retail clients in continental Europe, Asia and North America.

“In looking at providers of transport optimisation and execution software, we found that Paragon stood head and shoulders above the competition. In particular, its strong track record and unrivalled experience in working with major grocery retailers in the UK and around the world, together with its clear understanding of our markets, gave us the confidence that the Paragon solution would ideally meet Agrokor’s demanding and complex requirements.” Ivan Šantorić, Transport Director, Konzum

“The software also brings a more intuitive, faster, user friendly way of working for our transport teams. Instead of the old-fashioned and restrictive black-on-green computer interface that we’d been using for years, we now see the routes detailed accurately on digital maps. It also provides full visibility of loads, so that we know which orders make up each vehicle load – all of this can be viewed on screen.” Marko Pevec, ERP Consultant, Agrokor’s IT division, Mstart

Quick facts:
  • Croatia's largest supermarket chain
  • 700 stores
  • Delivering ambient, fresh and dairy products and non-foods
  • Over 300 vehicles across Croatia
  • 4 depots
  • Routing over 1500 orders per day to retailers across Croatia
Benefits reported:
  • Seamless integration with Agrokor's ERP system
  • Reduction in transport costs
  • Improved environmental performance
  • Enhanced customer service
  • Improved transport efficiency
  • Standardising transportation planning across Agrokor Group
  • Ability to model different delivery scenarios to further reduce costs
Konzum adopts Paragon's routing and scheduling software Croatia

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