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Gist Uses Paragon to Ensure Efficient Food Deliveries

Gist Limited is using Paragon route planning software to ensure efficient food deliveries to major retail stores across the UK.

Gist has a long history of providing logistics operations and manages the storage and distribution of ambient, chilled and frozen food products directly to retail stores and wholesale customers. Gist plans its UK and Ireland delivery routes for its distribution centres (DCs) centrally at its HQ near Basingstoke, Hampshire, using the software.

Gist uses Paragon for a mixed fleet of about 600 temperature-controlled vehicles ranging from 7.5 tonne rigids to double-decker articulated trucks. The vehicles are fitted with vehicle tracking systems from Isotrak. The tracking system runs in conjunction with the Paragon route planning software, both working together to help maintain a careful eye on service performance.

Using Paragon for both strategic fixed route and daily dynamic planning, Gist has been able to optimise the use of its fleet by modelling, and implementing, alternative cost-effective delivery scenarios. This has enabled the introduction of high-efficiency double-deck trailers, thereby reducing the size of the fleet and the number of delivery routes while maintaining the highest level of service.

“We are able to use the software to spot opportunities to make efficiency and service improvements; you wouldn’t be able to get such an instant view with manual planning methods. We also use it strategically to run ‘what if’ scenarios and use the reports within any proposals to customers. For example, we use it for assigning stores to a DC; this is particularly useful when considering stores that are located on the border between two regional DCs. The software helps guide our decision and proves to be reliable.

Paragon performs consistently and gives us a clear view of the operation and that is how we’ve been able to bring in new vehicle technology to improve delivery efficiency and save on the number of routes, while maintaining our industry leading service levels.  We use the Isotrak tracking system alongside Paragon and are able to monitor actual delivery performance against the plan. The Paragon interface is very good – you can customise it to make it easy to extract information needed to monitor your KPIs.” Jonathan Mahoney, Transport & Network Consultant, Gist

Quick facts
  • Isotrak vehicle tracking systems
  • Mixed fleet of 600 temperature-controlled vehicles
  • Centralised transport planning
  • Fleet includes 7.5 tonne rigids and double-decker articulated trucks
Benefits reported
  • Improved fleet utilisation
  • Improved real time customer service
  • Reduced the risk of late-running
  • Minute-by-minute visibility of how each vehicle is performing against the plan
Gist uses Paragon route planning software to ensure efficient deliveries

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