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Paragon Routing Software Plans Vital Deliveries for Phoenix

Healthcare distributor PHOENIX has put its faith in Paragon’s delivery routing software to manage time-critical deliveries of medicines and medical supplies to pharmacies, GP surgeries and hospitals in its 450-vehicle distribution operation. 

Having relied on Paragon over several years for strategic planning and modelling fixed routes for the entire UK-wide operation, PHOENIX was familiar with the software when it decided to extend its use to daily planning of this tightly time constrained operation. For PHOENIX, manual planning under these circumstances would not be possible, they recognised the need for a high-tech system that would rapidly generate the routes, so that medicinal products could be dispatched virtually immediately.

Now, PHOENIX is also benefiting from using the system operationally to generate routes and schedules from start to finish in minutes.

Paragon is a high-speed transport planning system that allows PHOENIX to turn customer orders into routes within minutes of their arrival, this is essential as the delivery window for the types of product they deliver is extremely narrow. The software automates the process of producing accurate, feasible routes enabling Phoenix to keep to tight delivery deadlines.

“Paragon is a powerful and easy to use system that enables us to maximise the use of our resources while minimising our transportation costs.” Paul Wilkinson, National Transport Manager, PHOENIX Healthcare Distribution

Quick facts:
  • Healthcare distributor
  • Delivering medicines and medical supplies to pharmacies, GP surgeries and hospitals
  • 450 vehicles
  • Previously used Paragon for strategic planning and business modelling
  • Time-critical deliveries
Benefits reported:
  • Improved planning accuracy
  • Generating routes and schedules in minutes
  • Reducing transport costs
  • Improved resource utilisation
  • Ability to keep to tight delivery deadlines
AAH Pharmaceuticals is reaping the rewards of Paragon's routing and scheduling software

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