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Parcelforce Worldwide increases driver productivity by 20%

Parcelforce Worldwide has used the Paragon multi stop routing software to re-route its entire UK express distribution operation, producing plans for the daily delivery of 150,000 parcels.

These plans not only help the company exceed the expectations of its 30,000 UK customers but they also exceed company expectations, reducing re-routing time by 90% and securing operation-wide savings.

As a result of introducing the new routes Parcelforce Worldwide is also experiencing significant benefits in the form of improved driver productivity, with a reported increase of 20% taking utilisation from 70% to 90% throughout the operation.

Running on a Windows operating platform, the Paragon multi stop routing system holds details of historical delivery patterns at postcode level, vehicle capacities, work standards and driver shift information. Using digital mapping with highly developed scheduling functionality designed specifically for optimising road-based transport operations, the Paragon software is used to calculate the most effective delivery sequences for the regular routes to be operated.

“Improving driver productivity by 20% has enabled us to reduce both the number of drivers and the number of vehicles we need to use to achieve the same, if not higher, levels of service, our work with Paragon really has delivered in a big way and everyone involved is very happy with the results.” Eddie McBride, Project Manager, Parcelforce Worldwide

Quick facts:
  • Express parcel distribution
  • Daily delivery of 150,000 parcels
  • 30,000 UK customers
Benefits reported:
  • Improved driver productivity
  • Achieving 90% driver productivity throughout the operation
  • 20% increase in driver productivity
Parcelforce Worldwide increases driver productivity by 20%

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