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Seven Seas improves customer service with Paragon

Previously, Seven Seas would give ‘guesstimates’ regarding delivery times to their customers, the accuracy of which depended on the experience of the transport planner.  Now, Seven Seas is passing details on the nature and constraints of over 200 calls per day to Paragon via its internal Global 8 system. Paragon then creates routes and schedules for import into the company’s core systems and establishes tight one-hour windows for each job.

Confidence in these delivery times has not only led to a much-appreciated text-messaging service for customers, but also to a significant improvement in the reliability of drivers’ running schedules.

Their next target is to improve service levels even further through in-cab navigation technology, importing Paragon routes into PDAs to help drivers reach the right location at the right time every time.

“With the time savings and level of consistency Paragon has given us, we have been able to extend the customer cut-off time from 12 to 2pm and achieve almost all of our time window targets, whether they are in central London or the Highlands of Scotland.

I would heartily recommend Paragon to anyone that isn’t in competition with us.” Jon Mitchell, IT Manager, Seven Seas

Seven Seas improves customer service with Paragon software
Quick facts:
  • Worldwide shipping operation based in the UK
  • Shipping excess baggage, personal belongings and commercial items all over the world
  • Routing over 200 calls per day
  • Fully integrated with internal 'Global 8' system
Benefits reported:
  • Improved planning accuracy
  • Confidence delivery times are achievable
  • Ability to send customers text messages about their delivery
  • Ability to accurately plan 1hour delivery time windows for each job
  • Reduction in planning time
  • Extended customer cut off by 2hours

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