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Paragon helps Harrods excel in home delivery

Paragon has been selected by Harrods, the world’s most famous department store synonymous with quality service and merchandise, to streamline the planning and enhance the service of its home delivery operation.

By replacing manual planning with Paragon dynamic routing software, Harrods has been able to achieve faster planning and better vehicle use, while the addition of Route Execution has introduced the visibility vital to exemplary customer service.

Paragon is used daily to route and schedule deliveries of fresh and ambient produce ordered at the renowned Knightsbridge store to customers within the M25 motorway. This accurate automatic planning underpinned by Street Level Mapping will enable customers to be given a 1-hour wide delivery promise with confidence. It has also led to an increase in driver and vehicle utilisation, and a significant cut in costly courier deliveries. Paragon’s plans are automatically compared to real-time activity by its Route Execution software, which is linked by a standard interface to Masternaut vehicle tracking technology. This provides real time visibility of how the day’s delivery schedules are progressing and gives early warning of any issues, which can then be managed efficiently. It also connects Paragon’s plans to Masternaut satellite navigation units, giving drivers the information they need to quickly locate delivery addresses.

“Paragon enables us to make the best use of our vehicles and drivers, and provide a reliable delivery service to our customers, and with the addition of Route Execution, seeing the transport plan in action gives us total control of both our transport performance and delivery service.” Ben Reardon, Area Manager, Harrods

Benefits reported:
  • 15% cut in transport costs
  • Ability to offer 1 hour home delivery time windows
  • Improved vehicle utilisation, cutting courier costs
Paragon's routing and scheduling software enables Harrods to excel in home delivery

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