Minimise risk of failed deliveries with automated notifications

Providing customers with regular communication improves the customer service experience, but it can be time consuming if carried out manually.

The Paragon HDX Customer Notifications module allows you to automate the process of updating customers based on a series of pre-set trigger events. Customer notifications can be pushed via email or and SMS, or accessed in a tracking portal by the customer using desktop PC, tablet or smartphone.

The provision of regular updates allows you to provide tighter time windows closer to the date of delivery once the delivery route planning has been completed, increasing the chances of the customer being at home. Reducing the need for re-delivery attempts is key to reducing the costs of last mile delivery.

Problems solved

  • Reduce inbound call volumes
  • Automate customer communication
  • Provide a consistently positive brand experience
  • Provide an estimated delivery time after routes have been finalised
  • Increase chance of first time delivery success with tighter time windows
  • Improve the customer journey