Improve visibility of returns and failed deliveries

When a customer decides that they want to return all or part of their order, you need to be able to update your warehouse management system fast to reflect product availability.

The Aptean Home Delivery Hub Returns Manager enables you to keep track of successful collections, failed deliveries and unplanned parcel returns. You can apply configuration rules that determine whether the item is to be redelivered, returned to the warehouse, the supplier or another location such as recycling or scrap. The whole returns management process is streamlined and visibility of your inventory improved.

When the Aptean Home Delivery Hub Returns Manager module is used together with Aptean Home Delivery Consignment Tracking module, the Hub Returns Manager module will also keep track of products that have been cancelled while at the hub, logged as damaged, or logged as an “over” within the hub.

Problems solved

  • Streamline returns management process
  • Provide an audit trail for all returned items
  • Remove manual processing of returned items
  • Increase visibility of returned items