Improve your home delivery operation with customer self-service

When customers have the ability to manage their own delivery scheduling, first-time delivery success improves and inbound call volumes decrease. The ability to book or reschedule a delivery online on the way to work, or late at night when a call centre is closed, gives your customers greater control over the booking process and simplifies your home delivery operations.

The Paragon HDX Customer Self-Service module sends the customer an SMS or email prompting them to make changes to the delivery schedule if it is no longer convenient, or re-book any delivery failures within the limits defined by your operation.

This also has the benefit of reducing the cost of inbound and outbound call centre operations that would traditionally service these requests. Particularly useful during peak periods.

Problems solved

  • Reduce inbound and outbound call volumes to your customer services centre
  • Allow customers the flexibility to self-serve using any device
  • Manage high volumes during peak periods through self-service
  • Allow customers to rebook failed deliveries